Your Testimonials

Here is a small selection of testimonials from the clients I have treated during the past few years:

I usually opt for a full massage when indulging in a treatment but I found the Aromatherapy Facial to be just as, if not more, relaxing particularly as it incorporates a back massage. I have sensitive skin and after the facial, I noticed my skin was radiant, soft and supple, lasting through to the following week. This treatment would suit anyone looking to have a "serene moment" of their own ... JS

After having a massage to ease my aching back and help me to relax, I felt revitalised and enjoyed a good night's sleep ... PH

I found the Indian Head Massage a welcome addition to the Aromatherapy treatment I already receive. I felt the benefit during the sessions to my shoulders and neck areas particularly. The experience was soothing and calming, and being treated during the evening I found my sleeping deeper and more restful ... SP

The treatment was very relaxing and I felt it cleared my sinuses after the recent cold I had. I slept extremely well ... RH

It was a very soothing experience with the pressure being just right. I fell asleep very quickly and did not want the massage to be over ... AP

I felt really energised after my Aromatherapy treatment but always ready for a good night's sleep later in the evening - very relaxing ... CS

I found the Indian Head Massage with you to be very relaxing. It also lifted my head pain away and my back muscles felt less knotted. I always seemed to sleep particularly deeply on the evening of my treatment and altogether I found it to be a very enjoyable experience ... KD

This was my first experience of any type of therapy. I found it restful and relaxing, even falling asleep during the treatment and I slept well at night. I suffer from migraine and felt this treatment would be of benefit - a very pleasant experience ... RP