Your Questions

Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions about aromatherapy treatments provided by me.

How will Aromatherapy help me?
By enhancing your well being, reducing levels of stress and promoting your good health. Here is a list of common conditions which may benefit from an aromatherapy treatment:

~ Poor circulation and low blood pressure
~ Chronic tension and stress related problems
~ Muscular skeletal pain and immobility
~ Digestive disorders and a sluggish metabolism
~ Anxiety and depression
~ Poor quality of sleep and insomnia

How do I prepare for my aromatherapy treatment?
Prior to your appointment I always recommend that you have a light meal and no alcohol.

What happens during a treatment?
You will be required to remove your outer clothing and any jewellery - towels and blankets are provided to preserve your modesty at all times. During the course of the treatment, the soft tissues of the body will be manipulated together with the muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Possible responses / reactions to the treatment?
During and after the treatment you may experience aching or soreness in the muscles; initial tiredness followed by feeling refreshed and invigorated; you may feel a little emotional, dizzy or nauseous - these are mainly due to toxins being released from the body.

How often will I need treatment and how many sessions will I need?
On the whole I usually recommend 6 treatments over a 3 month period to maximise the benefits. Thereafter 1 treatment a month will suffice to maintain your well being.

How safe is Aromatherapy?
Very safe, provided you choose an aromatherapist who is a member of the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA). This means your therapist is required to comply with a Code of Practice set out by an organisation that is internationally recognised as the symbol of quality for aromatherapy.

What qualifications should I look for in a practitioner?
All IFA registered aromatherapists are experienced and qualified and will meet the following standards:
Undertake annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Your therapist will hold full professional indemnity insurance and a current certificate in First Aid
Be listed on the IFA register of professional aromatherapists as a current member
Be dedicated to the highest levels of client care and confidentiality
Use only pure plant oil products

Why should I choose a therapist who is a member of the IFA?
Choosing an IFA member provides assurance that you will be treated by a therapist who has trained to the highest standards and holds an internationally recognised qualification in aromatherapy.

Will I be able to have aromatherapy whilst I am being treated by my GP?
If you are taking regular medication for a specific condition/s, it is always wise to consult your doctor regarding suitability for treatment. There are specific conditions (contra-indications) which may prevent treatment being carried out or require the advice of a doctor i.e. Thrombosis, Diabetes, Infectious Diseases.

Aromatherapy is intended to complement orthodox medicine, not replace it.